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Hawaiian Style Fishing boat,

We share the catch

Private Charters
6 passengers maximum

    $600.00  4 hours     $1050.00 8 hours
    This is the most preferred.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  You have the boat to yourselves.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  You can request to fish the bottom for
       Gray Snappers, Amberjacks,  Ulua and        Rainbow Runners or continue trolling the        top for that  trophy fish.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  With no strangers on board, any fish
       that hooks up is all yours to reel in.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  You may also return early to dock if
       you feel your arms can’t take anymore.

Hawaiian Style Fishing 450lb Marlin

Shared Charters
6 passengers maximum

    4 hours   $140.00 per person
    This is the most affordable but remember...

Hawaiian Style Fishing  You are sharing the boat with other anglers.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  Everyone takes turns.  Once a fish is brought on
       board, the next strike goes to the next angler.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  If you happen to get motion sickness, we cannot
       return to dock unless agreed upon by other shared
       anglers as there is no refund for charters that return


If you are a beginner, Captain will guide you every step of the way so you can land that trophy fish.

mahi mahi catch

not recommended for people with:

Hawaiian Style Fishing  Back problems or any other condition
       that can be aggravated with being in
       the open ocean.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  Pregnant women in their 2nd and
       3rd trimester.

Hawaiian Style Fishing  Children under the age of 7 not advised.


If you have a tendency to get motion sickness, medication should be taken the night before and once again before your trip.  Please consult your physician for recommendations.

Once on board, Let the fishing begin

Hawaiian Style Fishing

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