Hawaiian Style Fishing Boat, Nalani L
We do sport and bottom fishing at Hawaiian Style Fishing

The “Nalani L” is a 25-ft. Radon, powered by twin Yamaha GAS engines. Manufactured right here on Kauai at Lightnin Fiberglass and made for island waters. 

She sits low to the water resulting in less rock and roll and more stability.  Designed with a wider work area in back, bigger fish boxes and live bait well.

Hawaiian Style Fishing Boat, Waiokeola

A new addition to our family. The Waiokeola meaning “water of life” is a 27ft Radon powered by twin Yamaha GAS engines.

Hawaiian Style Fishing, Captain Terry
Hawaiian Style Fishing, Captain Terry
Hawaiian Style Fishing, Captain Terry
Hawaiian Style Fishing
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5 star reviews for Hawaiian Style Fishing

“Best fishing charter we have ever done. I mean, a lot of the reviewers have said it before, but Capt. Terry is a class act. This was one of the best experiences we had on Kauai! We have fished in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, but nothing is like fishing a warm climate at dawn, barefoot. Highly recommend taking the time to do this charter during your trip. We caught way more fish than we could possibly have eaten, but had a ton of fun. Terry’s boat is 100. All of his gear is immaculate. I was seriously so impressed with the thoughtful layout and preparation.”

October 2019 –  Testimonial via TripAdvisor

charmedtraveler21, Los Angeles, CA

“Just what we expected. A boat and good crew.  We did the 4.5 hour morning trip. 30 minutes after leaving the dock and we were in 6000′ of water catching small yellowtail. After an hour of yellowtail and skip jacks we headed back towards shore for the larger yellowtail, Called Ahi in Hawaii. We got lucky and caught one about 135 lbs.   Not an everyday occurrence, but we found one.

The crew were twins, the owner’s sons. They have two almost identical boats. Dad ran one,  the boys ran the other.

The boats are basic fishing boats. For fishing. Not for mom and the kids to sit around and eat chips.  No couch, just fish. The waves were very big, but the boat and crew handled them well. It helped knowing we were only going 6 miles offshore, within sight of land.

Can’t wait to go again next year. My 13 year old loved it. We brought home 6 fillets and had poke the same day for lunch.”

July 9, 2016 – Testimonial via Yelp

J.S., Magnolia, TX